Probate and Estate Administration

Proper estate planning can eliminate the need for probate in many cases. However, if you need a probate court attorney, you want to have one who is experienced and one who will handle this sometimes complicated process as efficiently as possible.

At the law office of Burns Cronauer Brown, we focus our efforts on taking the most direct route for reaching solutions to legal problems.

Serving families, individuals, businesses, for more than 35 years…

We handle estate administration and probate matters such as:

  • Collection, Valuation, Accounting, and Distribution of Assets
  • Non-Probate Transfers of Assets
  • Determination of Heirs / Heir Location
  • Removal of Liens Against the Estate
  • Federal and State Estate Tax Returns
  • Estate Administration / Executor Duties
  • Guardianships
  • Will Contests / Probate Litigation

Handling each step in the probate process is critical to avoiding lengthy delays in these matters. Our approach, because we have handled so many of these cases, is both thorough and timely.

Probate can and does take time, and we know that during the process, you will have questions and concerns that arise. Our office will make sure that you are kept up-to-date about how your case is progressing and that we respond to your inquiries as promptly as we can.

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